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Proposal strategy

Produce the best excitement 
for your surprise 

Surprise is an important communication tool to please the other party. It will also serve as an opportunity to deepen the relationship, and the plan that puts your heart into it will be left as an eternal memory.
With more than 1,500 projects, Emotion Rise is able to make your hopes and images a reality.

A once-in-a-lifetime touching flash mob proposal!

A proposal is a moment that will last a lifetime for both of you!
For example, while you're on a date at a shopping mall as usual, dancers who have mingled with the general customers beforehand start dancing one by one. Her boyfriend, who was supposed to be watching the dance with her, also joined in and was surprised when he danced so coolly! Proposing at the end with everyone watching is sure to be a memory that will last a lifetime.
In addition to expressing your feelings for your beloved girlfriend in her own words, why not make it a memorable and moving proposal with a flash mob?

Japan is like this
About EmotionRise

How much does it cost to implement it?

It varies depending on the number of cast members, scale, direction, etc.
We will consult with you based on your budget and requests.
*Please see "Usage Fees" for details.


Can it be done anywhere in Japan?

Yes, it is possible.
Depending on the location, you may be required to pay additional transportation costs for our staff and cast members.
Transportation fees are free within Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Naha.


How long will it take to implement the project?

Depending on the content and scale of the production, and other requests, we would like to see you take about 3 weeks to 1 and a half months.


Can I join in the dancing too?

Yes, it is possible.
It doesn't matter whether you have dance experience or not.
Don't worry, our professional dancers will choreograph the dance according to your level.
The one-time choreography fee for 2 hours per day is included in the flash mob implementation fee. If you wish to practice on a different day, there will be an additional fee.


Is it possible for a friend to participate?

Yes, you can participate.
It is also possible for you to cooperate in productions other than dance.
Of course, you can also join in the dancing.
Please coordinate the practice dates with your client.


I would like a video of the day of the event.

We shoot with multiple cameras and send you the edited data.
*Separate fees are required for filming and editing.


EVENT/Other Services


Various events/Cast Dispatch
We accept various orders such as video shooting and editing.

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Emotionrise achievements

No.1 in number of implementations

Emotionrise boasts the best track record in the industry. There is a reason why we exceeded 1,500 implementations. A professional flash mob cast that is excellent in all aspects, including directing, performance, and human skills, will support your surprise.


No.1 in YouTube views

There are many videos that have been viewed over 42 million times, and many videos that have been viewed over 3 million times.The most viewed videos in the industry are attractive, with performances that move people's emotions such as surprise, excitement, and smiles.


No.1 in channel registrations

As of summer 2023, there are 200,000 subscribers on all four channels, including 70,000 overseas subscribers. We are a company with high quality surprise production that is attracting attention from all over the world.


Media introduction example No.1

It has been introduced in many media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, and web media. Furthermore, EmotionRise's flash mob has been praised in various fields, including being featured in overseas media and being used in commercials.


Customer satisfaction No.1

We have received high praise from our customers who have implemented this service, and we have maintained relationships through Thanksgiving and other occasions, and you would be surprised at the number of satisfied customers who have expressed their gratitude.


No.1 in number of video posts

As proof of our No. 1 track record, the number of videos posted far exceeds that of other companies. The videos that are made public are only those that have been given the customer's permission, and in fact, we deliver dozens of times more videos to individual customers.