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We will thoroughly research the image that our customers have in mind.

We will create an image on the web or by email so that you can carefully think about the kind of surprise you want, down to the detailed structure.



We will give you a quote based on the number of people and options decided upon in consultation.

If you are satisfied with the offer, please submit the application form and pay a deposit of approximately 20% of the total amount in cash or credit card.



We will give you a preview of the venue to see if it is possible to realize your vision.

Once we have confirmed the venue's size and availability of audio equipment, we will begin the full-scale configuration from there.
The remaining balance must be paid in cash or credit card (split payments possible) one month in advance.

Acceptable credit cards

Credit cards
(Payment can be made in installments depending on your card contract.)



We will deliver a choreography video of the chorus of the song you have selected.

If you have friends or relatives who would like to participate, please send them the link as well.
As you watch, you can easily memorize the order in your head and move your body a little to help you understand.
<Distributed on a customer-only web page>
You'll definitely be able to dance



A 2-hour lesson will be held sometime between the day of the event and 10 days before.

In one hour, we will correct the parts you are vaguely remembering and give lessons so that you can dance.
In the second half, you will practice based on the structure, so you will be able to clear it and take on the actual challenge.

(Basically, we provide in-person instruction, but in some cases we can also provide instruction via ZOOM.)