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dance picture
variety of performances other than dance (For production in a flash mob)

This is an item that will make your surprise even more exciting.
If your desired performer is included in the offer cast on the day of the actual performance, you can use that performance in the production.
We also send out one-off performances to events, etc.
You can add glamor to your corporate parties and events with the performance you desire.

acro picture
juggling picture
idol picture
baton picture
puppet picture
music picture

shoot picture

Video shooting and editing
You can leave it not only in your memory but also as a record.once in a lifetime!
How you worked hard and had courage. Also to the partners who watched it. Also for your future children. You can leave a wonderful image behind.
We have plenty of equipment to leave high-quality images!The equipment used by Emotion Rise has been carefully selected to ensure that the surprise is captured in the best quality possible.

alfa picture

RX10 picture

AC130A picture

Ax100 picture

Lenses picture

dynamic shooting


Easy plan
71,500JPY(tax included)
1came picture
Cameraman /1 people
2 to 3 shooting cameras
Providing download data
Light plan
99,000JPY(tax included)
2camera picture
cameraman /2 people
3 to 4 shooting cameras
Providing download data
Regular plan
154,000JPY(tax included)
3camera picture
cameraman /3 people
5 to 6 shooting cameras
Providing download data
Special plan
220,000JPY(tax included)
4camera picture
cameraman/4 people
7 to 9 shooting cameras
Providing download data
We are currently running a campaign for photography!

30 blue roses

30 blue roses
35,200 JPY
108 red roses

108 red roses
35,000 JPY~
Ordinary bouquet

Ordinary bouquet
7,700 JPY
Red carpet

Red carpet(rental)
3,300 JPY
11,000 JPY


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drone night show
<A message of love in the night sky>
A luxurious declaration of love
drone picture

Program 100 Dorons with designs that will play in the night sky!
The message you want to convey will be reflected in the night sky with multiple lights.
You can deliver the highest quality messages to your loved ones.
↓↓<Image reference video>↓↓

Candidate location
<Possible locations and shops for proposals and anniversaries>

Nakanoshima Park (Kitahama area)
To use this, you will need to apply to Osaka City, and you will need to apply two months before the actual implementation date.
Required fee: 25,000JPY


Nakanoshima Park (Temmabashi area)
This also requires application to Osaka City one month before the actual implementation date.
Required fee: 30,000 JPY

③La Mensa jasmin
This is an Italian restaurant that uses safe and secure vegetables delivered directly from producers from all over Japan.
Private fee (3 hours) 100,000JPY

④Bar e Trattoria QUATTRO
In the elegant restaurant with an open kitchen, you can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes based on local cuisine from all over Italy.
Private rental fee (3 hours) From 50,000JPY (depending on the time of the private rental)